Fox Meadow Portrait Service

This Page Is Your Portal to the Galleries and Upcoming Events at
Fox Meadow Farm

If you don't see what you need, please contact me, Steve by email, text or call (419-460-4097)

10-10-10: The Derby Day Pictures are up!

There are 2 galleries: One for the indoor pictures and one for the outdoor pictures.

- Please note: The indoor pictures will have some grain to them. Since flash Photography is not
possible around the horses, I have to use special settings to allow low-light photography without
blurring the riders.
And, I attempted to get at least a couple of images of every rider both indoors
and out. If I didn't, please accept my apologies.
The images on the website are "proofs." All Images,
when ordered will be color corrected, The crops will be optimized and images swill be sharpened.

Also! On a personal note, I was totally blown away by the dedication of all
the riders especially the juniors! WOW! My congratulations to all!

Finally, remember, I can schedule to come out at almost any time to
do a Private Potrait Session! Call 419-460-4097 to schedule a time!

To Access the Galleries do the following:

  1. Click here or click on the Fox Meadow Logo at the top
  2. You will arrive at the Photo Attitudes, Ltd, shopping cart
    landing page where you will see a slideshow of recent
  3. In the upper left, click on the blue "Gallery" button.
  4. A drop-down will appear and you can choose from any
    of the available galleries.
  5. When you choose Fox Meadow Farm (Please feel free to
    browse ALL of the galleries!)
    , a password box will appear. Fox
    Meadow Farm has the password (It's easy to remember)
    or you can call or email me.
  6. When the password is accepted, a gallery listing of Fox
    Meadow Farm Photos will appear by date.